Hi there – welcome to our WomenDietPills.org site!

You probably found our site when you searching for Diet Pills Product Reviews to find out if products really work, whether they have side effects or are a scam. I did the same a few months ago. I researched the web for hours but could only find review site that get paid when they push certain products. It was very difficult to understand which diet pills and fat burners were right for me based on this information.

That’s the reason I decided to build this site with the help of my husband to help other women like you to be better informed. Together with my friends Monica, Rebecca, Brenda and Belinda we regularly search the web for “real” diet pills customer reviews. We normally find them on forums, blogs or message board where people can anonymously report their experiences with a product.

Our site should help you to get all the information required to decide if a diet product if for you or if it is not.

Based on the following criteria we rate each product:

- effectiveness

- speed of results

- side effects

- price value

- money-back guarantee

- customer service


Not surprisingly most products claim much more than they actually deliver. A few have severe side effects. Make sure you read the reviews on this site thoroughly.

Here’s a review of the product that currently gets the most positive user feedback

Do you have an experience with a product that is not listed on our site? We would be happy to add your experiences and other are grateful if they can make a better decision with your input.

To your success!