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What are the pros and cons of Appesat, the appetite suppressant from UK? Suitable for vegetarians, Appesat makes use of an all-natural ingredient patented for weight loss. Find out where to buy Appesat in lowest price here.

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Appetite suppression might be a good approach to weight loss for some. If you are a binge eater, this could be a big help for you. APPEsat is one of the appetite suppressants found in the market today. It claims to help you control your servings in order to cut down your calorie intake. How well does it help with your weight loss plans?

What is APPEsat?

Just like other appetite suppressants, APPEsat also helps you to lose weight by making you feel full for a longer period. By sending signals to your brain that your stomach is full, you can cut down on your food intake which might lead to weight loss. The patented ingredient Bioginate Complex™ is included in the formulation of this pill.

The ingredient is also resistant to your stomach acids so that it can be active longer. You have to take it before meals for best results. In combination with exercise and proper diet, you just might be able to make the most out of it.


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How Does APPEsat Work?

With the fiber complex that helps in keeping you satiated, you can now stop yourself from eating in between meals. This component came from a species of seaweed which they have farmed on the coast of French Atlantic waters.

The fiber complex from the kelp expands in your stomach. Since it is active before, during and after meals, your feeling of hunger can be prevented. After a few hours it will just dissolve in your intestine as it passes through your stomach.

• It suppresses your hunger

• Keeps you full in between meals

Proofs and Research

Studies done on the kelp of the species Laminaria digitata has shown that it has effects on your metabolism and blood pressure. Not only that, it could help alleviate iodine disorders such as goiter and cretinism. However, with regards to weight loss by boosting metabolism, there is no definitive proof or clinical study to substantiate the claim.

Treehugger, London (from

“Used with diet and weight training programme. Main problem was late evening eating and used then to curb appetite. Very effective for me just using once a day, enabling a 10lb weight loss in 2 weeks. Do not have much weight to lose and main focus is on building muscle now. I would certainly recommend it.”

Fliss (from

“The Appesat pills worked very well for me and I lost some weight with them, the only down side is because they tell your body you are full you dont feel the need to eat ANYTHING, so by the end of the first week I felt very tired a “not with it”, my husband tried to get me to eat as he had seen I had hardly eaten a thing but I couldn’t face eating as I was already full. I would say they are a fantastic short term fix if you need to lose weight for a holiday ect but for the long term, life style changes are needed not a box of pills.”


1. All-natural ingredients

2. Appetite suppressant

3. Suitable for vegetarians


1. No direct link to weight loss

2. Not practical as one box lasts for only about a week

3. Mixed feedbacks from users

4. No money-back guarantee on website

Where to Buy APPEsat

Try to start your lifestyle change by taking APPEsat and buying your supply from the official website, There are other sites that you can check out as well like and Amazon.

Benefits you get when you buy form their site:

1. Secure payment

2. Savings when you buy in bulk

3. Extensive Help section

APPEsat Discount

The manufacturers are based in the UK and APPEsat is offered in a price higher compared to other weight loss supplements. If you buy in bulk, say 3 to 5 boxes, you can save up to 46% off from, click here.


Since the 5-star ratings are clearly outnumbered by the 2-3 stars, maybe not everyone is enjoying the weight loss they expected from APPEsat. However, some would say that it helped them start their changes with their eating habits. There are no clinical trials to this day that proves its effect for weight management except that it can possibly boost your metabolic rate.

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Conclusion Rating
2 stars
Speed of Results
2 stars
Value for Money
1 stars
Customer Service
2 stars
2 stars

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