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You can’t stop yourself from craving the foods you used to eat before you realized you’re over the scale. Carbohydrates is one of the food substance that has to be really avoided when you are losing weight. Low-carb diets have to be carefully planned and exercises has to be done to get back that slim body. However, with the Bonita Carb Blocker, it will be easier for dieters to lose their excess pound because this diet supplement claims to be “revolutionary”.

When most diet pills burn fat, the Bonita Carb Blocker pills obstruct the breakdown of carbs. Carbs are easily found on a lot of food products. But, when carbohydrates is blocked from being absorbed, it is easier for you to have a low-calorie intake. That way, you can also lose weight without having to stick to a very stringent diet plan.



What is Bonita Carb Blocker?

Bonita Carb Blocker is one of the many low-cost diet products available online today. Many dieters try out several types of pills and supplements to try to boost their diets. Bonita Carb Blocker helps you achieve your weight management plans. It is practically formulated for people who eat too much carbohydrate-rich foods.

Each bottle contains about 60 pills. To optimize the carb neutralization effect, you can take one pill before your meals. Do not take more than 6 pills a day. This is not sold via the manufacturer so there is limited information on the producer of these pills.




How Does Bonita Carb Blocker Work?

There are three potent ingredients in this diet pill. The claims of the manufacturers are however not supported by any valid clinical trials and findings yet.

Chitosan – this compound is derived from exoskeletons of shellfish. It has many uses in different fiels including the weight loss industry. Its effect is supposedly as a fat binder. By binding to the fat, it is not absorbed thus helping in weight loss.

Gymnema sylvestre – this herb acts to stop your sweet tooth cravings. There have been theories on how it dulls the intense flavors of sweet foods so you do not crave for them more than usual.

Garcinia cambogia – is an extract from a pumpkin-like fruit which is believed to be an appetite suppressant.

The carb blocker uses the combination of these ingredients to help dieters in their weight loss plans. If you want a starter boost to your program, you can try out this diet supplement. However, it is not recommended for extended use.


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Proofs and Research

Gymnena sylvestre been the subjects of hyperglycemia trials and all show positive effects on blood glucose regulation. However he link on weight loss and this herbal plant is not established. As for G. cambogia, it failed to produce significant effects on fat and mass loss after a double-blind placebo clinical test was done. Though oral intake of chitosan does not seem to have any serious adverse side effects, there is a lack of evidence on how it can help on weight loss.

Simon from Sheffield said on

“I’ve taken a wide range of diet pills in the past and found good success with carb blockers.
I used to use Dietrine, but when I realise I got more pills for less with Bonita’s carb blocker, I thought I’d switch. Bonita works REALLY well and Im sticking with this from now on. Go on give it a try! You’ll thank me later.”




1. Cheaper compared to other top rated pills

2. Available without prescription

3. 100% natural




1. Scientific trials failed to prove the effectivity

2. Chitosan is not recommended for dieters allergic to shellfish

3. No money-back guarantee

4. Have side effects on the long run



Where to Buy Bonita Carb Blocker

Online shopping for diet supplements has now become a widely used method. Manufacturers of this carb blocker offer you this product via the official distributor,

They offer these benefits on the site:

1. Savings and freebies

2. Fast international shipping

3. Support by email and phone

4. 100% genuine product



Bonita Carb Blocker for Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

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Bonita Carb Blocker Discount

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Supposed to be safe and effective, there are on the other hand serious Bonita Carb Blocker side effects that could be experienced after prolonged use. It is important to know that this product does have some adverse effect on your body. In the long run, you might develop liver toxicity and blood sugar levels instability.

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3 stars
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3 stars
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Customer Service
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