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When you are about to lose weight, you do not only have to worry about the fat burning activities and calorie intake in your food. There are a lot of serious considerations that you also have to look into and detoxification is just one of them. These are major issues that you should settle in order to be fully successful in losing weight the healthy way.

Bonita Detox Cleanse is one of the detox capsules that is made from all-natural ingredients.

Detoxification is a crucial part of your health plan because the body needs to be cleansed and the harmful radicals of your cell’s metabolism have to be removed. This detox supplement can be used as a part of a detox plan to help boost the detox process.


What is Bonita Detox Cleanse?

Bonita Detox Cleanse is made from components derived from Mother Nature. As most of the supplements out there, this helps in getting rid of the toxins, poison and harmful radicals that your cells produce. If you do not detoxify, there is a big chance that these radicals build up in your body which can develop into a serious illness.

It is not made available directly from the manufacturers thus no money-back guarantee. The dosage suggests you take 1-2 capsules everyday to help in getting rid of your metabolic wastes.


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How Does Bonita Detox Cleanse Work?

Nature is the ultimate source of every man’s needs. For that reason, Bonita Detox Cleanse draw from plants the key components that they use to make this detox capsule. More and more people try to look for natural products and this is why more of the diet products like Bonita Detox Cleanse make use of ingredients derived from nature.


Here are the ingredients contained in Bonita Detox Cleanse:

1. Senna Leaves

2. Cascara Sagrada

3. Psyllium Husk

4. Flaxseed Powder Complex

5. Aloevera Gel

6. L. Acidophilus

7. Licorice Root

8. Captex 300 oil


Proofs and Research

With these components, the capsule could help in flushing out the toxins from your body. When you are losing weight and your body is in such a transition state, it is important that you integrate a detox supplement in your program. However, long-term use of senna leaves is not recommended. Most of the ingredients are laxatives and should help you with bowel movements but there could also be side effects.

“I’ve used many of the Bonita products in the past and they have all been fantastic, so thought (based on their strong brand reputation) I should delve into the detox arena too. Like the rest of the Bonita products the pills have work brilliantly. Its certainly helped make me a little more active during the day, and now I have the energy to hit the gym properly.
Lost a couple of pounds in the first few weeks I took them and I just know Im going to lose more soon!”

From Helen in Reading


1. Detoxifies your system to induce weight loss

2. Contains mild laxatives to aid in bowel movement



1. Side effects may include nausea, diarrhea, gas, stomach cramps and bloating

2. Limited information on manufacturer

3. No money-back guarantee

4. Potency of each ingredient is questionable

Where to Buy Bonita Detox Cleanse

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However, it is also important to mention that Bonita Detox Cleanse might contain all-natural ingredients but the dosage may not make any significant result in a short time. With continued use for a longer period of time, the supplement could take effect. If you are in need of a powerful detox product, the Bonita Detox Cleanse is not the one for you.

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