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Capsiplex – The Secret Weapon of Celebrities?



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A lot of diet pill manufacturers use a variety of marketing strategies to get their product on top of everything else. Capsiplex is just one of those diet supplements that is all-natural and major drug companies probably don’t want you to know about it. Now that you are trying to look for reliable information about this product, let this review be your guide whether it works or not.

Like all other diet pills seem to say, Capsiplex contain clinically proven ingredients that boost energy, and burn fat. Chemical pills and diet pill scams are certainly not what you are in need of. Instead, you have to find the right diet supplement that your body responds to and is truly effective.

What is Capsiplex?

Interestingly, Capsiplex is actually derived from capsicum extract.  Yes, capsicum is chili pepper and you might think there’s a stinging sensation or irritation in your throat or stomach upon taking this pill. The manufacturer says you will experience no such thing!

Actually, you might have even read about it on the newspapers. It has sold out more than 50 000 packs in just three days! It could really be pretty effective to just fly off the shelves that way. This somehow miraculous diet pill might just be the one you’ve been looking for! Considering that it received quite a lot of media attention, it is no surprise that it has also gone to Hollywood to get some clients there such as Nicola McLean.


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How Does Capsiplex Work?

Certainly, there are clinical studies conducted to prove the effectiveness of capsicum for burning the fat and speeding up your metabolism. With a huge following, Capsiplex has certainly gone a long way to prove the potency of capsicum extract for weight loss.

The four main components of Capsiplex are:

1. Capsicum fruit extract

2. Niacin

3. Caffeine

4. Piperine

Consumers have a way to boost their metabolism, burn the fat, suppress appetite and improve your stamina. All that is packed into a well-designed beadlet!



Proofs and Research

Basically, it would be the capsicum extract which will be doing most of the work. With the right amount of this ingredient, it would prove to be really effective in burning fat. However, as there are mixed feedbacks to the real effect of Capsiplex, we can’t say for certain how truthful it is on its claims. But as most consumers can tolerate it, then it might be safe to conclude that Capsiplex do not have any adverse effects on the body.

For years, capsicum extract has been tested on animal and human subjects to find out about its weight loss potentials. However, the problem has always been how to deliver it to the body system.  The best way to know the effectiveness of this diet pill is to see how the users reacted after using it.

Let’s start with the endorser, Ms. Nicola McLean.

Started taking capsiplex a week and a half ago, after my first week i lost 7lb!! I’m really pleased with my results. My post pregnancy pounds have melted away and I feel great. I also believe Capsiplex has given me extra energy. Certainly now I’ve started exercising again . . . I don’t seem to get out of breath as easily as I used to.”



1. Appetite suppressant and fat burner

2. Endorsed by celebrities

3. Comes in beadlet (not in capsule) form

4. Examined by medical professionals

5. Backed by several clinical studies

6. No side effects reported



1. No money-back guarantee

2. More expensive than other diet pills

3. Not for vegans and vegetarians (Capsiplex contains gelatin)

4. Not recommended for pregnant and nursing women


Where to Buy Capsiplex Without Being Scammed

This popular diet pill is not only effective but has been proven to be safe for consumption. Users who took one capsule a day is said to have lost about 2 pounds in just one week. For that reason, you can find Capsiplex just about anywhere including Amazon but the official website certainly gives you special discounts, free shipping and support.

Here are several advantages you get when you want to purchase your supply at the official website

1. Limited offers and price discounts

2. 24-hour International Order Line

3. You can find the stockists for your country

4. Fast shipping and handling


Capsiplex Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

Capisplex is also available outside of the US through the following link:

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Where to get the best Capsiplex Discount

Capsiplex is offered at a price higher than other existing diet pills today. However, if you head over to the official site, you can be able to take advantage of the limited discount offers they have.

Important Update: They currently run a special 10% Capsiplex discount offer – use Capsiplex Coupon Code ‘CMN10′.


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Gaining popularity in the diet pill market because of the media attention it has been receiving, Capsiplex is just one of the supplements that is worth a try. Backed by several studies on its primary ingredient, capsicum, it is proven to have significant effects on weight loss. Many dieters have been convinced by the number of celebrities and other endorsers that talk about how effective this pill is. The absence of reported side effects is indeed a plus though that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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Conclusion Rating
5 stars
Speed of Results
5 stars
Value for Money
5 stars
Customer Service
4 stars
5 stars

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