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CliniSlim – What are the Real Clinical Proofs?



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CliniSlim might be backed, assertedly, by clinical studies but are they real? Is it really effective or just another diet pill that causes headaches? Find out about the potential side effects of CliniSlim here.

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Claiming to use only clinically proven ingredients to aid in your weight loss, is CLiniSlim really true to its word? With the abundance of weight loss pills out there, we can never be sure which ones truly deliver. Can this be another one of those whose claims are mere words without any valid proofs? Let’s soon find out with this review.


What is CliniSlim?

CliniSlim claims to make use of clinically proven compounds to help you in shedding the pounds. That with these components CliniSlim will help you lose 10 pounds in 10 days, we will find out whether it really happens. Some product also use clinically proven ingredients but the concentrations used are not enough to exhibit significant effects.

The manufacturers boast of their scientifically-backed diet pill. On the official website you would even find the studies that are said to provide proof for the effectivity of the product. A bottle contains 300 capsules and you are not to take more than 10 of these everyday, 30 minutes before meals.


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How Does CliniSlim Work?


Clinislim contains three compounds which slim you down in a matter of months. These are the following:

Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana – shows positive effect on weight loss according to studies

Glucomannan – the fiber is effective on diabetes patients by regulating sugar and lipid levels

• Garcinia Cambogia, Gymnema Sylvestre and Chromium Polynicotinate – boosts your metabolism and regulates your blood sugar levels

To make you feel confident about their product, they provided you with downloadable pdfs from their site so you can read further on about how their product works. However, I looked for recent studies to prove whether these are indeed true or not.


Proofs and Research

Not all the research studies they presented are exactly conclusive. The Combogia study was on another species of the plant that may or may not have the same effects as what they are actually using. Also, modern studies still recommend further tests on glucomannan to link it to weight loss.

By Andreacai from

“After the initial drop of about 2-3 lbs the first few days (which again was water weight obviously) I did not find that they gave any extra boost to my sensible diet and exercise regimen.”



1. Contains no stimulants

2. Ingredients may have other effects other than weight loss

3. Offers 100% Money-Back Guarantee



1. Inconclusive research studies on ingredients

2. More expensive compared to other diet pills

3. Reported side effect is headache


Where to Buy CliniSlim Securedly

Buying online can sometimes be a cause for concern. Therefore, when you are about to try CliniSlim, buy from the official website or from genuine affiliates.

If you buy from their site, you also get to enjoy these benefits:

1. 100% Lifetime Guarantee

2. Flat rate shipping: $7.99 for US buyers and $8 for international buyers

3. Secure transactions

4. Great deals and free bottles


Capsiplex Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

CliniSlim is also available outside of the US through this link:

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Find CliniSlim Discounts

Looking for a way to save money? Well, CliniSlim surely have some limited offers and discounts especially if you buy in bulk. However before you do that, make sure the product will work for you or that would only be a total waste of money.

You can save up to 70% if you buy multiple bottles and you only have to pay flat rate shipping too by clicking here.



Saying that CliniSlim is the one diet pill that would turn you back to your slim figure would be phony. Not that the studies are not true but there is still too much to do before we can say ultimately that it is really effective for weight loss.If you want to risk your money, you can buy the product since they offer a lifetime guarantee. Just make sure you’ve read their Terms and Agreement.


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3 stars
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