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Can Colovexus really help in losing weight? Detoxification is mainly about getting rid of harmful toxins and free radicals, but can it also get rid of excess weight? Read this review to know more..

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Weight loss these days is viewed at different angles. Manufacturers approach it in many ways: suppression of appetite, blocking of carbohydrates absorption, increasing body temperature and detoxification. The latter is the category Colovexus falls. Is it just another fad product that is created to steal your hard-earned money? Let’s find out more about this diet supplement and know whether it could really help you lose the toxins together with the weight.


What is Colovexus?

Our cells’ metabolism in conjunction with the preservatives and pollution in the food and drinks we take in all contribute to the toxins in your colon. Detox products have now become supplements for weight loss but the fat and body mass loss it can accomplish is not substantial.

There are two stages to your cleansing process with Colovexus. The first one detoxifies and takes away all the toxins and the other one is to replenish the important nutrients to your organs. With 7 patented and 2 trademarked ingredients, it claims to do a lot for your body and weight loss is supposedly one of them. Taking 2 capsules of stage one in the morning and another 2 of stage two in the afternoon is the directions for use.


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How Does Colovexus Work?

As with all cleansing and detox products out there, Colovexus combines plenty of ingredients to carry out its desired effects. With the promise of taking out the toxin buildup in your body, you must be about ready to order, right? But, you should know that the chance of becoming thin using Colovexus is pretty slim.

The 3000mg of ingredients aim to:

• Boost your energy levels

• Take away water weight

• Flatten your stomach

• Improve your mental alertness

• Improve your sleeping patterns

• Clears your complexion

The ingredients of the Stage One formulation are Oatvantage, Viscofiber, Litesse, Plant Phytosterols, Fibersol-2, LinumLife, Probiotics Hardistrain, VitaVeggie and VitaBerry.

Stage Two contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium oxide, Lactobacillus acidophilus, dandelion root, uva ursi, acai, cranberry, and pomegranate.




1. Has a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

2. A good detox product

3. No stimulants therefore no jitters

4. Promoted overall good health




1. Some dieters may be allergic to some of the components

2. Does not have long-term weight loss effect

3. No scientific studies cited


Where to Buy Colovexus Safe and Securely

Colovexus is available online on their official website, www. There are also affiliate site where you can get your supply of this detox supplement.

Benefits you get when you buy from their site:

1. 100% secure and safe transactions

2. Great deals and discounts

3. Cheap and affordable


Colovexus Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

Outside of US? For international orders, click the link below:

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Colovexus Discount

When you buy in bulk, you get to enjoy Colovexus discounts. Also there are Free Bottles of this detox supplements.


The main purpose of this is to clean your body of toxin and get rid of it to enhance your body’s functionality. Any weight loss that you experience due to your intake of Colovexus is not a long-term effect and might be attributed to the loss of water weight from your body. Exercise and a proper diet would help you more on losing the weight.

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