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Is Dietrine Carb Blocker really an effective weight loss pill that blocks absorption of starch? Find out more about the product by reading these consumer reviews...

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As you know, there are several types of diet supplements. There are some which suppress your appetite, some work to burn the fat by boosting your metabolism while there are also so-called fat and/or carb blockers. And that is the category Dietrine fall in.

The mechanism for which Dietrine works for weight loss is by blocking the absorption of carbohydrates. With the ingredients that has been used to formulate this product, they say that it truly helps in weight reduction plans. There is limited discussion on how the key components have been scientifically tested for weight loss but it seems like there is basis for their claims.


What is Dietrine?

Dietrine Carb Blocker is one of the many weight loss products online which help people who want to lose weight. It contains an ingredient from white kidney bean. This is one of the slimming pills that has no stimulants and certainly without ephedra. If sticking to that low-carb diet is a daunting task for you every single day, then it is time to try Dietrine. Take Dietrine before you eat a starh-rich meal along with 8 oz of water to optimize its effects. is a company dedicated to producing safe and effective products for their consumers has been founded on 2002. They are a member of the Natural Products Association.



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How Does Dietrine Work?

The effectiveness of this diet pill is largely dependent on one of the natural ingredients it contain. There is little information about it but there are websites that have mentioned about the white kidney bean derivative that makes this supplement helpful.

Phase 2 ® is the key ingredient in Dietrine.

It is an all-natural ingredient taken from the white kidney bean by way of first-rate processing. It neutralizes starch amylase in the stomach to prevent break down of carbohydrate thus impending its absorption. It reduces absorption of starch by 66-75% thus giving you a little liberty to eat some pasta.

While limiting the breakdown of carbohydrates, your body will not put on the extra weight you so hated. Since you cannot burn all of it if ever it is digested and broken down, there is a big chance that it will be stored as fat. To prevent that from happening, it blocks the enzyme from the pancreas responsible for carb break down. This way, your caloric intake is significantly reduced and your body uses the stored fat making you lose weight.

Other ingredients include Vanadium and Chromium which helps in boosting the metabolic rate and balances blood sugar, respectively.



Proofs and Research

Studies have been conducted on the effectivity and toxicity of Phase 2. Results from an LD50 study indicate that it is a safe, non-toxic ingredient that does not disrupt liver and renal function. However the tests conducted show that it does not have much effect on weight loss. Another point t consider is that the clinical studies involved small groups as subjects.

“I like these weight loss pills. The effect is not very strong yet, but in general it suits me”

by Olivia from USA (


“I started taking dietrine about two months ago and am on weight watchers, but I’ve only lost about 7 pounds”

by Jen from N (



1. Reduces carbohydrates absorption

2. No ephedra

3. Proven to be non-toxic

4. Huge discounts and savings



1. Clinical studies involve only small groups thus the results are not very reliable

2. Not an appetite suppressant

3. Might lead to weight gain instead since users will think they can indulge into starchy foods


Where to Buy Dietrine Securely

If you want to try out this product, you can surely find lots of sources. Do make sure to buy from a reliable marketer. The manufacturer gives you a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. The official website gives you the best offer where one bottle retails for $49.95.

Benefits you get from buying from their site:

1. International shipping

2. Discreet packaging

3. Customer service available in different languages

4. Wholesale Program for Dealers

Dietrine Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

Dietrine  is also available outside of the US through the following link:

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Dietrine Discounts and Savings

Another place to look for this product is but there is an easier access to that and that is the link given below.Dietrine currently runs a special $150 discount offer here.



Dieting is not limited to low carb diets and strenuous exercise. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy food even if it is rich in carbohydrates. As almost everything has high carb content, you always have to be extra careful if you really wanna lose weight. But with the help of  this carb blocker, you can enjoy these foods every once in a while without feeling too guilty about it.


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