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FULLfast is the newest innovative weight loss product out there. It is not a pill, a capsule or a tablet but it helps you stay on track of your weight loss plans. Read more here..

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Are you wondering whether you can lose weight without having to swallow multiple of pills and a capsules a day? There are weight loss products such as patches and soluble tablets that can help you with that. However, FULLfast also offers another way to take away the extra pounds and bulges because this product is not a pill, not a capsule, and definitely not a tablet. It is a spray!

FULLfast is a weight loss supplement that is applied via spraying. It is contained in a sprayer bottle similar to a breath freshener. The combination of all-natural ingredients has a pleasant taste as well. In its official website, they provided a downloaded pdf copy of the study which seems to prove the efficacy of this mouth spray for weight loss.


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What is FULLfast?

This appetite suppressant spray will help you jumpstart your weight loss program and stick to your diet plan. By making you feel full, you will find it less tempting to give in to your cravings. It would be easier for you to stick to that low-carb diet you have trouble abiding to in the past. In order to stay in track, you might need FULLfast to motivate you to achieve your weight management goals.

When you use FULLfast, you will have no need for a glass of water every few hours to drink your diet capsule with. All you have to do is spray the formula under your tongue thrice. Do this 5 times each day to achieve optimal results. If you want to feel the full effect of the sublingual spray, you have to do this regularly for 4-8 weeks. This alternative to diet pills seems to be a hit for a lot of people these days.

The Key Components of FULLfast

It is important that your feeling of fullness be maintained especially if you are dieting. One of the hormones which is responsible for your satiety is serotonin. It has been found that low levels of serotonin triggers your hunger pangs.

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) – this is the main component of the diet supplement. Derived from Griffonia seeds, it promotes the production of serotonin. Not only does this hormone involved in your appetite but also in keeping you in a good mood.

Other ingredients include:

1.)  Guarana – is a stimulant which has an effect even more powerful than coffee. It also affects your feeling of fullness.

2.)  Klamath algae – it seems like the function of this component is to lighten your mood.

3.)  Artichoke, Centella and Taraxacum – facilitate waste and fluid disposal from your body.


Proofs and Research

Clinical studies have been done on the effects of the ingredients on the body. Although guarana is usually combined with two other herbal plants to be significantly effective, that is somehow overlooked by the manufacturer. Klamath algae has been found to have some effects on mood modulation but no direct link on cholesterol levels and increased metabolism.


Jenny, 33 from London

I’ve tried all sorts of diets & other slimming aids, none have worked. I wish I could control my hunger cravings and wear my favourite dresses. I hope FULLfast will help me sheds the lbs I find so difficult to lose.

Leila, 33 from New York

I have a crazy schedule as I work in the City whilst also bringing up my 2 year old girl. I need some assitance in cutting down on snacking habits as I don’t always have healthy lunches and can’t find the time for the gym during the week. I need FULLfast to do the hard work for me!


Meliha, 26 from London

I love to eat middle eastern foods and I tend to graze on unhealthy snacks while at work. Really need help to stay on track with my diet and maintain my healthy eating. FULLfast needs to cure my snacking habits!

There are other comments from buyers of this product and you will find that on the official website. The main reason why people turn to FULLfast is because they have a problem with obeying the diets and stopping their cravings. Had FULLfast really helped them?


1. An Easy-to-use sublingual spray and not a diet pill

2. Free trial offer

3. Clinical trials are done with the ingredients

4. Endorsed by Dancing with the Stars winner Cheryl Burke



1. You have to spray it 5 times a day which can be troublesome for others

2. Contains diuretics which might have some side effects for some users

3. The ingredients do not have direct effect on weight loss

4. Spraying the product might disperse the ingredients to the air, thus not all are consumed by the dieters


Where to Buy FULLfast

There is no need for you to worry whether FULLfast would be difficult to come by because the official website www.FullFast.com is surely the first place to look into.

Benefits you get when buying from official site:

1. Worldwide shipping

2. Free trial

3. Quick-response Customer Service

4. Order by calling their number thru Skype


FULLfast Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

Capisplex is also shipped worldwide for buyers outside the US via this link:

Click here for FULLfast International Order


FULLfast Discounts and Free Trials

There are other sources of this product as well like Amazon. FULLfast the sublingual spray diet supplement is a good option if you want help on your weight loss plans. They offer a Free Trial for the first 31 days click here!

However, read the terms when availing this because you will be signed up for the autoship program if you do not do anything after the trial period is up.



So, despite the “assurances” of several clinical trials, the ingredients do not have significant effect on boosting your metabolism or decreasing your cholesterol levels. But, the novel approach that this sublingual spray offers is enough for some people to take the risk. Also, there is the Free Trial offer which only ups interest for FULLfast.


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Conclusion Rating
4 stars
Speed of Results
4 stars
Value for Money
3 stars
Customer Service
4 stars
4 stars

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