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HoodiaPatch Review – Do Weight Loss Patches Really Work?



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What are the pros and cons of getting HoodiaPatch? Read about the what the clinical trials indicated and whether the claims about this weight loss patch are true. Read more here....

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With the increasing population of obese people today, there is a great demand for weight loss products. HoodiaPatch is another innovation that aims to help heavy-set people to shed the excess pounds. However, there are a lot of dodgy stories about weight loss patches. Complaints about scams and inefficacy of diet supplements abound so you have to be really critical when picking out your weight loss product.
What is HoodiaPatch?

HoodiaPatch is not a diet pill. It is a transdermal patch which delivers its ingredients by transduction through the skin and straight to the blood stream. The supposed weight loss does not go by ingestion therefore, it bypasses the digestive tract and the effect is sooner compared to diet pills and capsules.
The marketer of this new diet patch is Marlia Business, S.A. It claims to have lots of satisfied customers with the variety of personal health products they produce. They instruct dieters to apply one patch after they shower and you can totally forget about it til your next shower.


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How Does HoodiaPatch Work?

There is nothing else in this patch but 40mg of hoodia, which came all the way from South Africa.

The popularity of hoodia as a strong appetite suppressant made it one of the plants exploited by companies on the diet pill industry. However, HoodiaPatch made use of the plant by making a patch with it. There is however a question in my mind about how they processed the plant to obtain the pure active ingredient.
The effects of this hoodia patch are:

1. Appetite suppression

2. Reduced calorie intake

3. Reduce your thirst

The harvesting and purification technologies used for this product is said to be top-notch. But since consumers cannot be harried with technical terminologies, they should instead look at the consumer reviews to believe the effectivity of this product.


Proofs and Research

There are several studies already done on Hoodia and the weight loss effect is attributed to p57. It is quite clear that hoodia does help with weight loss. However, concentration of its extract and the potency of the extract itself differs from one fad hoodia product to the next.
As for dermal transduction, there is a study done on onion and how your body absorbs its components. However there has still been no clinical trial conducted with hoodia to really prove that this mechanism of delivery is the best way for its absorption.



1. Easy to apply patches

2. Appetite and thirst suppressant

3. 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee



1. No conclusive scientific trials that dermal transduction works as efficient for hoodia as it is for nicotine

2. No certificates for the Hoodia used in this product


Where to Buy Your HoodiaPatch Supply

Your best bet where you can have the best value for your money is to buy from the official website, www.HoodiaPatch.com and also from their affiliates.

There you will enjoy these benefits:

1. Discreet shipping

2. Secure ordering transactions

3. Huge discounts and great deals

4. Promotional codes and coupons

5. You can buy by Phone order or by credit card


HoodiaPatch Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

HoodiaPatch is also available outside of the US through the following link:

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Find HoodiaPatch Discounts

The official site actually gives you plenty of opportunities to save. Despite how shady these patches seem to be, they appear to be helpful in the discounts department. Buying in bulk entitles you to up to 34% discount plus Free Shipping.


So HoodiaPatch might contain 100% Hoodia extract and it could also be potent enough to help you lose the bulges on your belly but there is still limited scientific proof as to how effective it has proven to be. There are lots of other ways to lose weight such as exercise, proper diet and the right supplements or you can try it out and see if it could work for you. The final say is still in your hands, anyway.

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