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Is Meratol really the Fat Loss Supplement with the Fastest Results?



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Coming from the makers of Capsiplex, Meratol is one of the diet pills that is making its way to the market today. With clinical trials to back its claims, could it be truly effective or its dosage is not enough for any significant weight loss to happen? Find out here...

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It must have been quite a weight loss journey for you and you might be looking for the right products to work. Meratol reviews are not that hard to find but honest and reliable ones are. Could it be just another overhyped product that uses ineffective ingredients or does it give you the fastest results? We’ll soon find out about that when you finish reading this review on Meratol.

What is Meratol?

Meratol comes from the manufacturers of another famous diet supplement, Capsiplex. It claims to have four major functions to help with your weight loss plans. Its efficiency as a diet pill is supposedly because it focuses on the major reasons why you gain your weight.

Advanced Health, the company which produced this diet supplement, seems to combine the effects of Capsiplex and C-Plex60 when it comes to making you lighter on the scale. Dieters are instructed to take a pill twice a day and they might lose 3 to 5 pounds a week.

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How Does Meratol Work

Herbal diet pills like Meratol claim to make use of all-natural ingredients to minimize side effects. For this diet pill, there are four active ingredients which aim to suppress your appetite and make you skip those snacks as well as lower your calorie intake and boost your energy.
1. Prickly pear extract – boosts your metabolism so that your body burns the existing fats

2. Cactus extract – has hypoglycemic effects; that is to regulate sugar levels in your blood

3. Brown seaweed extract – blocks carbohydrates

4. Capsicum extract – proven to have thermogenic properties


Proofs and Research
Multiple clinical studies have been done on the ingredients to prove their effectiveness and how it can help with weight management. It has been tested on both animals and human subjects and they show significant promise when applied on right doses. In this line of thought, there’s a question that is to be answered: “Does Meratol contain the appropriate doses of these ingredients?”

Leanne from forum
“Started mine 2 days ago. So far it has definitely curbed my apetite. Feel a bit jittery in the morning, but wears off by midday. Will let you know if any results. Am using it in conjunction with gym and reduced calorie diet – just simple cuts made where I can (boiled instead of fried, smaller portions, skim milk etc)…”
Charlotte J from forum
“I just bought a months supply and I am on my third day. Had a weigh this morning to see how I was doing and I have lost 3lbs. I am trying to be good as well, as it does recommend this (so could argue that I would have lost that anyway). The main positive thing for me is that I am not hungry, it really takes away my appetite and it also makes me feel like I have pigged out even after having a small meal…”


1. No reported adverse side effects

2. Helps you shed 3-5 lbs a week

3. With clinical trials to prove effectivity

4. Nominated for the Health Ingredients Excellence Award



1. No money back guarantee

2. Looks high-priced compared to other diet supplements
Where to Buy Meratol Safely

Meratol is available in selected sites today but you can directly get your supply from their official website here

They offer these benefits for you ordering directly from the manufacturer:

1. Committed customer service

2. Ships worldwide

3. With dedicated UK order line

4. Has VIP coupon codes and Discounts


Meratol Discounts and Savings


When you buy in bulk, say a 4-Month Supply, you are entitled to a 30% discount and Free shipping too. Their official websites and affiliates give you great deals so you can save when you want to lose weight.


Meratol Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

If you are buying from outside the US, get your supply through the following link:

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Nominated for an excellence award, Meratol is a must-try product to help with your weight loss plans. However, there is no product that has the same effects for everyone. It works for some while others might experience no effect at all. As for complaints, the most usual ones you’d come across regarding Meratol would be how expensive it is. But if you see faster results, does it really matter?

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Conclusion Rating
4 stars
Speed of Results
5 stars
Value for Money
4 stars
Customer Service
5 stars
4 stars

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