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Tired of all the diet pills and capsules? Then read this review of the Slim Weight Patch to find out how it could help you in your weight loss. Read more...

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Just when everybody else is looking for that diet pill, here comes Slim Weight Patch and its innovative way of making you lose weight. Innovative in the sense that they did not make an effort to make pills which contain this and that chemicals. What they offer is a weight loss aid which you do not ingest.

Yes, you heard it right. When you go to their official website, you will find that they do not offer anything else except the weight loss aids. Unlike other diet supplements out there, this is a different approach to losing weight. The marketing line they gave consumers is “Set and Forget”. Why? Read on to find out.


What is Slim Weight Patch?

Losing weight is never an easy task. Low-carb diets, unending exercises and diet pills and capsules that make you gag certainly makes you think twice about going through with your weight management plans. However, with the new Slim Weight Patch, you now have another option that makes it convenient for you to shed away the pounds.

It is encased in a capsule or made into a pill. Slim Weight Patch is obviously a transdermal patch which makes use of a new way of delivering the chemicals into your body. You only apply one patch everyday.The problem with oral pills is some of the substances get neutralized by your stomach acids before they are absorbed. But, this weight loss aid claims to deliver the drugs straight to your bloodstream through transdermal absorption.


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How Does Slim Weight Patch Work?

Being a slimming aid, Slim Weight Patch contains some of the popular active components of slimming pills in the market today. The ingredients, combined, initiate weight loss by increasing your metabolism, suppress your appetite, burn more fat and other effects. Here are the ingredients of Slim Weight Patch:

1.       Fucus vesiculosus – contains iodine which is a good remedy for goiter and is also said to increase your metabolic rate

2.       5 HTP –  stops you from binge eating

3.       Guarana – may enhance fat burning and suppress appetite

4.       Zinc Pyruvate – increases your lean muscle mass and reduces blood sugar levels

5.       DHEA – enhances your stamina and has shown to have an effect on diabetes

6.       Yerba Mate – makes you feel full longer thus staving off your hunger

7.       Flaxseed Oil – contain linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid which are important for the normal structure and function of cells

8.       Lecithin – has choline and inositol which are two important substances for fat breakdown

9.       L-Carnitine – helps in the efficient burning of fatty acids

10.   Zinc Citrate – zinc is a vital mineral required for various body functions


Proofs and Research

The official site even gives you a simple experiment with onion to prove how transdermal absorption works. But that is not a guarantee to the effectiveness of these weight loss patches. There are clinical studies already conducted on some of the components which you find on their website.

“A friend of mine recommended your patches to me and I laughed when she told me you just stick them on and that’s it. I just couldn’t believe that my skin would absorb things. But when my friend gave the example of nicotine patches, I felt a bit stupid. Of course I ordered your patches after that and this is my 3rd order. I have lost almost 2 stone. The only downside is that I have to keep buying new clothes. Yes I know I should be happy and I am, but it’s costing me a fortune. Looking forward to summer now!”

Leo. Cork, Ireland



1. In convenient patch form; Just set and forget!

2. Can be bought without prescription

3. Several clinical studies have been done on some of the components



1. None of the ingredients have been tested for skin delivery

2. Restricted to one order per person only


Where to Buy Slim Weight Patch Without Getting Scammed

Never be fooled by free trials because these are anything but free. Without your knowledge, you are already registered to a monthly subscription of that product. However, for Slim Weight Patch, you can head over to the official website, and get some limited discount.

Here are the benefits you get from buying on the site:

1. Secure payment options

2. Promo codes for discounts

3. Limited offers

4. Fast shipping

5. Efficient costumer service


Find Out How to Avail of Slim Weight Patch Discount

There is another easy way to buy Slim Weight Patch and that is to click the link given below. They ship for free and you also get a 180-day money back guarantee! And for you orders, you get FREE SHIPPING and even up to 37% discount!


Aside from diet pills and slimming teas, there now exists new diet systems like Slim Weight Patch which is innovative in design. But they all aim to help with your weight loss goals. This product is catching a lot of curiosity and attention these days. Testimonials are found on the website to give you an idea how many people found out that these herbal patches are effective.

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