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SlimShot is a revolutionary diet supplement for people who want to lose weight. No more difficulty swallowing, just drink your way to a slimmer physique. Read more here...

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You must have been picturing in your mind that SlimShot is an oral diet pill. Well, it is a diet pill alright; but, with a twist! You do not take the pill and swallow it down with water. Instead, you dissolve it in water to make a flavored drink which is not very difficult to take in. You must have choked on some of those diet pills and capsules which you were directed to take 2-3 times a day. But this “revolutionary” weight loss product begs to differ.

With the variety of diet supplements and products out there, you have to be careful to pick which one to buy so that you do not suffer side effects on both your body and your wallet. There are really a lot of diet products to choose from and SlimShot gives you another type of technology for weight loss.



What is SlimShot?

SlimShot is a three-step diet supplement because they come in different colors to help you distinguish which pill you’re to take on a specific time of day. You are directed to take a different pill in the morning, noon and evening. The pills are formulated differently from each other to carry out distinct functions throughout the day.

There are different formulations for specific times of the day. You take it three times a day along with your main meals. Also, the tablets have separate containers so it is easy for you to remember which is which.


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How Does SlimShot Work?

The official website does not offer a full and comprehensive ingredient list for the diet pill. And since there are three different colors of pill which you will take separately throughout the day, it would be helpful for the dieters to find out what are the components in each tablet. Here is an attempt to enumerate the different ingredients of the three pills.

Orange Tablet (Morning Formula) – the tablet you take in the morning is designed to eliminate the stored fat in your body. The key ingredients include green tea , green coffee, wild pansy, olive wood, cherry stalk, ash wood cola, and meadow-sweet.

Green Tablet (Noon Formula) – the green pill you take in at noon will help stop the absorption of fats from the foods you have eaten. Guar-gun, cider vinegar, citrus pectin and apple pectin are the components of this tablet.

Blue Tablet (Evening Formula) – SlimShot Night burns the fats in your body. It contains cacao, pineapple, orange skin, papaya, chromium and grape marc extracts.

These are the constituents of the SlimShot three-step diet. It works around the clock to ensure that fats are eliminated and prevented from being absorbed. It contains aspartame though which causes health problems if taken in huge amounts.



Proofs and Research

There are no clinical trials cited on the official website to tell us how it really works. Therefore, there is no scientific basis for the claims that SlimShot say. Looking at the consensus of users who tries this slimming product, it helped them to jumpstart their weight loss but progress seems to be slow-going.


“My friend recommended slimshot to me as I had been struggling to lose any weight with other slimming products. After 2 weeks I couldn’t believe the results, I had lost more weight in those two weeks than I had thought was possible. I will now recommend Slimshot to all of my friends.”

by Jean, Glasgow


“I started taking Slimshot for gentle weight loss, I wanted to lose a small amount of weight and feel healthier. I work long hours so fitting in exercise and eating a healthy diet is difficult. I feel healthier and look better but my waist is still horrible and I can’t do anything with it!”

by Amy from LA (


1. Not a diet pill but a soluble tablet

2. Vitamin-enriched

3. Includes three unique pills which works with your body clock



1. No clinical trials to provide scientific assurance for buyers

2. A complete ingredient list is not available on the site

3. Contains aspartame which can cause health problems



Where to Buy SlimShot Safe And Secured

Slimshot is easily available in several countries. You can buy it online via the official website, where they offer Slimshot discount. There are other retailers also which include Harrods and Holland and Barrett. They also give a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you go straight to the site. This may be your chance to slim down so try Slimshot now.

Benefits you get when you buy from their site:

1. 60-day Money-Back Guarantee

2. International shipping

3. Contact information and support

4. Secure payment gateway (via Paypal or DTP)



SlimShot for Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

SlimShot is also available outside of the US through the following link:

Click here for SlimShot International Order


SlimShot Discount

On the official website, you will find that they do offer a satisfaction guarantee but there seems to be no limited offer as of now. However, you can avail of 45% discount on one SlimShot package by going to click here, which is a distributor of these pills.



It is a combination of all-natural extracts and chemical substances that aims to help women in reducing their weight. You will not have to sign up for phony trial offers. SlimShot is the new way of losing weight especially if you do not mind drinking a full glass of water with the pills. There are however no clinical trials to truly prove the efficacy of the product.

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3 stars
Speed of Results
2 stars
Value for Money
2 stars
Customer Service
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3 stars

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