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Thermotox – Will Taking Away Toxins Also Take Away The Excess Weight?



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Despite its claims of helping you lose 7 pounds in 7 days, can Thermotox really help in weight loss? Rich with antioxidants, it might promote overall health. Know the pros and cons here.

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Have you heard enough hype and unsupported claims? Are toxins really an important contributor to being fat? Will Thermotox help you with this problem or it is just another scammy overhyped product? These are the questions that would be running through your mind when you buy diet supplements so there should also be reviews that would help answer these.

What is Thermotox?

Thermotox is another detox product out there which claims to help you with losing weight by taking away the buildup of toxins from your body and combining that with fat burning properties. Toxins are said to have an effect on people’s plans on weight loss as they are said to slow down your metabolic rate.

There is little information however on the manufacturers of this product. Also, the only provided contact is that of an email address for customer service. This should raise a red flag on your mind.



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How Does Thermotox Work

The claims on the effects of the 40 or so will help you lose 10 pounds every 7 days. Do you believe that? Well, some of the ingredients do have fat burning qualities but the amount per serving is not presented so we cannot say for sure how effective this detox pill could be. But with the antioxidants it surely contains, not only will it be helpful it taking away the toxins from your body, it will also have other effects other than the asserted weight loss.

The active detox components include Acai, Wheat Grass, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Noni Essence, Cayenne Pepper, Flax Seed, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginger.


Proofs and Research

Green tea is known for its antioxidants and stimulating effects. As for the other ingredients, cayenne is potentially effective on burning the fats. However, there is still limited evidence for the other components and the concentration is also questionable. Another helpful ingredient though would be noni which boosts your energy.

Southpawace from

“So far I have not seen a “one pund a day” loss and I’ve taken it on and off for 3 weeks now. It does make you have more fequent BM’s, but nothing to make you shed 7 pounds a week. My caloric intake has been reduced and since I can only work out about twice a week, I was hoping that it could get me a boost to lose the unwanted fat around my stomach but so far it hasn’t. I’ll keep using this product until I’m out of pills, but I don’t think I’ll see much of a change even if I do.”



1. A good source of antioxidants

2. Promotes overall health

3. Reduces bloating

4. Offers a money-back guarantee



1. Limited information on the concentration of the ingredients

2. No manufacturer contact info

3. Only available online

4. Does not make you lose 10 pounds in 7 days

5. Side effects include loose bowel movement


Where to Buy Thermotox

If you still want to risk using this product then you should know that it is available on its official website It is also available in Amazon if you want to buy from there.

There are benefits you get when you purchase from the official site such as:

1. Huge savings for bulk orders

2. 100% Money Back Guarantee

3. Secure online shopping cart

4. International shipping


Thermotox Discounts

When you buy in bulk, you get to save up to $260! But, if you are trying it out for the first time and just want a bottle, they give you a limited time offer of 40% discount. Avail of this offer just click here.


The claims of this detox product is not substantiated and though it contains plenty of antioxidant-rich ingredients, Thermotox seems to be not successful on weight loss. Exercise and proper diet might do you more good. However, it can promote overall health such clear skin and healthy urinary tract.

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Conclusion Rating
3 stars
Speed of Results
3 stars
Value for Money
2 stars
Customer Service
2 stars
3 stars

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