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UniqueHoodia contains the one of most concentrated hoodia extracts out there. This review will tell you more about how this diet pill is different from the rest. Read more here...

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Hoodia gordonii is a plant from South Africa which made its way on the diet pill markets because of its ability as an appetite suppressant. For this reason, it has been in great demand and people seem to have enjoyed some benefit from diet pills containing this ingredient.

There now existed plenty of Hoodia weight loss pills in the market. However, you cannot simply buy one and be assured that it contains the pure potent compound as there are lots of scammy products too! With UniqueHoodia, costumers have felt impact of the weight loss effect because the diet pill contains pure Hoodia gordonii extract.

What is UniqueHoodia?

Unlike other hoodia diet pills out there, this weight loss supplement contains one of the highest concentration of hoodia extract for every serving. UniqueHoodia has 495 mg of pure hoodia thus allowing you to enjoy the weight loss effects. One website even contacted the manufacturer to make sure that the hoodia used for making these pills are fresh.

If you are looking for clinical studies about the effectivity of UniqueHoodia, you will not find one. However, the hoodia plant itself has undergone several clinical tests and scientists have found the active substance in this plant extract that works for you to lose weight. For its powerful capability to help dieters lose weight, there are plenty of pills released in the market allegedly containing pure hoodia extract.

How Does UniqueHoodia Work

Needless to say pure Hoodia gordonii extract is the primary ingredient used in this diet pill.

Through years of research, it has been found out that it is p57 that hold the appetite suppressing properties. By staving off your cravings, you can cut down much on your food intake. This diet pill makes you feel full thus making you eat smaller portions.

Compared to other diet supplements, UniqueHoodia is not packaged into large capsules that you will have trouble swallowing. The pills are really small and very easy to take in. This must be because the company doesn’t want to add any more fillers or binders into their hoodia product.

To ensure the freshness of the ingredient, it is steam harvested by the manufacturers from farm which have been certified by USDA. It is a UniqueHoodia is probably one of the safest diet pills out there today.


Proofs and Research

By only cutting down your hunger, you do not have to worry about any chemical interference on your other nervous system functions. Therefore, there would be no mood alterations and no caffeine to keep you up all night. Not only that, UniqueHoodia now contains Bioperine which helps in its absorption 30% faster. Animal testing show promising results and clinical trials on human subjects are yet to be done though.


Elena – July 16,2009

“I lost 3kg in 2.5 weeks, and UniqueHoodia™ has really helped me to suppress appetite. My major problem was food cravings after dinner but with these pills I don’t feel hungry at all even at night. I used to wake up at night because i was hungry but now my sleep became better as well. It really works.”


1. Contains 1 495mg of hoodia extract

2. All natural

3. No filler ingredients

4. Appetite suppressant

5. Has Bioperine which aids in faster absorption up to 30%


1. One single time order of up to 6 boxes for one person (due to demand)

2. Not an energy booster

Where to Buy UniqueHoodia Securely

If you think it is your appetite that keeps you from losing weight, then maybe UniqueHoodia is the weight management aid that is right for you. They’re official website is the place to get this product. However, to make it easier for you to order your own supply, you can simply go their site, click here.

Here are the benefits you get from buying from the site:

1. Secure payment gateways

2. Discrete shipping

3. 100% Money-Back Guarantee

UniqueHoodia Discount

With the prevalence of hoodia products that rip-offs and scams, it is important that you make sure you are buying from a reliable source. However, UniqueHoodia is not sold in the UK as well as clients from the UK.

6-Month Supply UniqueHoodia + 1 Free Box UniqueHoodia

$ 194.90
3-Month Supply UniqueHoodia $ 119.95
1-Month Supply UniqueHoodia
$ 54.95


Clinical trials on the effects of Hoodia has been carried on animal subjects. However, further testing on humans are yet to be done. Thus, scientists have not given yet proven the effects that this cactus plant have on the hunters of a South African tribe. However, UniqueHoodia seems to be one of the pills with a substantial amount of the pant extract to have significant weight loss effects.

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Conclusion Rating
5 stars
Speed of Results
4 stars
Value for Money
5 stars
Customer Service
4 stars
4 stars

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