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Is Zotrim Clinically-Proven for Weight Loss?



Learn about the truth about Zotrim's supposed clinical trials. Can it really help you lose the extra pounds? This review will clarify a lot about this weight loss product..

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With all the fad diets out there which aim to help you with your weight loss, you might be confused with what to get. There are a lot of weight loss products that claim to help you lose a lot of weight in a few weeks’ time but do they really deliver? In your desperation to lose weight, you might try just about any product you find and read in creative advertisements.

Zotrim is one of the weight loss supplements which make use of the GDY trio – guarana, damiana and yerba mate. The combination of these substances seems to result to weight loss. In order to learn more about how this diet pill works, let us provide you with a review that could help you decide whether to buy or not.


What is Zotrim?

Zotrim, just like most weight loss supplements, makes use of all-natural ingredients. Their unique formulation of guarana, damiana and yerba mate has undergone a number of clinical trials to provide scientific proof to its efficacy.

If it is your first time to take Zotrim, start with taking 2 capsules before meals to let your own body to adjust to the supplement. Then, you can up your dose after 2 weeks to 3 capsules but it is not recommended to exceed more than 9 capsules a day. The website also offers free resources for you such as a BMI calculator and also advices on lifestyle changes.


How Does Zotrim Work?

The weight loss pill is sold and compatible for both men and women and available conveniently from their official website. However, their website does not offer a good explanation of how the ingredients work. On the other hand, here are the three patented ingredients of Zotrim.

1. Guarana – contains a substance with the same stimulant qualities as caffeine. It makes you feel full so you end up eating little.

2. Damiana – has antibacterial properties and has been used for its strong aphrodisiac qualities

3. Yerba mate – induces weight loss when in combination with guarana and damiana. It is likely that yerba mate is responsible for boosting your energy levels leading too weight loss.


Proofs and Research

A lot of studies hasve been published on the ingredients used for Zotrim. Zotrim has also undergone clinical trials to prove its effectiveness and the results on a London study indicate that it causes significant weight loss as published on an issue of the journal Nutrition and Food Science.


“I’ve been taking Zotrim weight loss pills for a month now. There were absolutely no changes in first 2 weeks but then I started losing my weight and lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks so far. Looking forward for more slimming.”

By Anonymous from Zotrim Forum



“Zotrim is natural and homeopathic pills. Only few days of regular use can show its positive effects. I am taking it from one month and it is simply great.”

By Emilyroggers from Zotrim Forum



1. Has undergone clinical trials

2. Can be used by vegans or vegetarians

3. Has better results compared to other diet pills

4. Conveniently available via the official website



1. Not recommended for caffeine-sensitive individuals

2. Reported side effect is nausea

3. Taken three times daily (before meals) which can be a hassle to other dieters

4. List of ingredients not given on website


Where to Buy Zotrim Securely

If you are looking for a place to get your supply, Zotrim can be bought from the official website, www.Zotrim.com.  You can also look into your local stockists such as Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Holland and Barrett, Morrison’s and Lloyd’s pharmacies.


Benefits of buying from the official site:

1. Have free resources like BMI calculator and advices

2. Worldwide shipping

3. Safe and secure payment gateways


Zotrim Australia, UK, India, Europe Orders

Zotrim is also available outside of the US through the following link:

Click here for Zotrim International Order


Get Zotrim Discounts

If you are looking for a way to get your supply for great value, you can order from the official website and even get a free sampler of Fibretrim.





With the combination of guarana, damiana and yerba mate, Zotrim aims to help with your weight loss management. According to the studies that have been conducted, the respondents lost weight during the time they were taking Zotrim. But, if it does not work for you, do not be dismayed. There are a lot of other solutions you can try.


Conclusion Rating
4 stars
Speed of Results
3 stars
Value for Money
3 stars
Customer Service
4 stars
4 stars

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